Wearable Patches To Support Your Well-Being During Travel

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  • 100% natural

    Thoughtfully infused with naturally derived ingredients

  • No sugar or wheat fillers

    We're not here for the nasty stuff. We understand people want a healthier alternative

  • Safe & effective

    Our patches formulations are safe and reliable. We've done the research to prove it

  • Functional

    We've made our patches extremely light-weight and compact to fit into any luggage


Jet Lag Relief Bundle

The perfect companion for your adventure. Jet Lag Relief - helps regulate your body's circadian rhythm Energy B12 - boosts...

Jet Lag Relief

The Jet Lag Relief Patch is an essential item for every traveler. Specifically made to combat the effects of jet...

Jet Set Bundle

The Jet Set Bundle is an innovative travel-wellness package, made up of two patches: the Jet Lag Relief patch and...

Energy B12 PLUS

Energy B12 PLUS helps increase stamina and mental and physical performance for a lasting energy boost—thanks to its powerful formula...

Reusable Bottle Cover

This 5 pack reusable silicone toiletries bottle cover is designed to prevent spills or leaks, making it perfect for travel....

Luggage Drinks Holder

Easily carry your drinks and passport while traveling with the Portable Luggage Drink Holder. This convenient holder attaches to your...


Ready to embark on your next adventure, but worried about the effects of jet lag? Travel confidently with the Jet Lag Relief Bundle. 90% of frequent travellers reported a significant reduction in jet lag symptoms after using one patch.

  • Combat Jet lag: Long flights can wreak havoc on our internal body clock. Jet Lag Relief assists your body in regulating its sleep-wake cycle, not only alleviating jet lag symptoms but also promoting a smoother transition, ensuring you feel refreshed and ready to explore your destination to the fullest.
  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety: Travelling can sometimes be stressful These patches are infused with calming botanicals such as lavender, promoting relaxation, reducing anxiety and enhancing over-all mood.
  • Boost Energy Levels: Exploring new places requires energy. The Energy B12 Patch contains invigorating vitamins like L-Tyrosine and Green Tea Extracts, providing a natural boost to keep you feeling revitalized and ready for adventure.
  • Support Immune System: Travel often exposes us to new environments and potential germs. These patches include immune-boosting vitamins C, Zinc and elderberry, strengthening your immune system and helping you stay healthy during your travels.
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Pills, Powders &

  • High sugar content, wheat filler & artificial colours
  • Difficult to swallow and bitter aftertaste
  • Leads to diarrhoea, consitpation, gastric & tooth decay

Health Patches

  • No sugar, artificial
    colouring or fillers
  • Transperant, discreet design with compact & lightweight packaging
  • Easy to apply . Simply peel & stick

Jet lag relief

Experience the Soothing Skies Jet Lag Relief Patch - Your Must-Have Travel Companion for Long Flights and Time Zone Adjustments. Infused with a special blend of herbal extracts and natural essential oils, this innovative patch is expertly crafted to combat jet lag symptoms effectively. Use it before your flight to promote relaxation onboard or after your journey by wearing a patch nightly at your destination to facilitate adjustment to the new time zone. By assisting your body in regulating its sleep-wake cycle, these patches not only alleviate jet lag symptoms but also promote a smoother transition, ensuring you feel refreshed and ready to explore your destination to the fullest. Say goodbye to jet lag and hello to seamless travel experiences with the Soothing Skies Jet Lag Relief Patch.

  • Timezone changes
  • Long flights & layovers
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sleep fatigue or anxiety
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peel + stick & enjoy

Let’s explore the fascinating world of health patches and how they work. We specialize in health patches, a cutting-edge technology that delivers targeted relief and support directly through your skin. Our wearable health patches are designed to be applied directly to the skin, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed into the bloodstream, where they can circulate throughout the body and exert their intended maximum effects. Through this process the patch's formulation, which contains a specific combination of active nutrients & herbal extracts bypass the entire digestive system and liver, enhancing their effectiveness compared to oral supplements. Say goodbye to pills/gummies and welcome the future of wellness with our easy-to-use health patches. Explore our website to learn more about how our patches work and start your journey towards optimal health and well-being today.

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“Travel bundle was a lifesaver! Arrived just in time for my Europe trip! Jet lag relief patch really worked well for falling asleep! Would recommend 🤩🥰”

Anne May

“I get anxiety whenever I need to swallow any pills! Then I found soothing skies travel bundle which was super easy to use! I did my research and found it was safer and better for me than most pills! 😃”

Maureen biologist

“My flight was coming up and I realized jet lag would hit me hard! After countless google searches I was lucky I found the relief patch in time and shipping was fast, arrived in a few days!

Jermey Carter

“I suffered from really bad jet lag and timezone changes after my trip from Sydney to Texas. Jet lag relief patch was a game changer! I slept 14 hours and woke up full of energy! It didn't make me feel groggy like some sleeping pills. This patch was a lifesaver!"

Stephanie J.

You're In Good Hands

  • Science-backed Research

    Our research team works hard to design modern solutions to some of the downsides of travelling. Patches are a non-invasive and painless method of delivering some of the most important vitamins & minerals to your body.

  • Dr. Robert Cane

    Certain health conditions like heart disease & diabetes can make it hard to swollow pills, powders and gummies. Making Patches an easy solution to these issues. Dr Cane a leading health surgeon relies on Jet Lag relief to help him sleep after long haul flights. He suggests patches are one of healthiest choices to make when it comes to vitamin intake.

  • Dr. Yu Chueng

    Dr Cheung is a proffessor and pediatrician in Emergency ICU. He has dedicated his life to living healthy and staying fit. He believes health patches will be in the forefront of modern medicine in the years to come. " The most disturbing trend I've found in 2023 is these gummy vitamins! Filled with sugar and raising the risk to type 2 Diabetes. "

  • Frequently asked questions

    • Who is Soothing Skies?

      Soothing Skies is a health and wellness company specializing in cutting-edge health patches that are designed to relieve the stresses of travelling as well as everyday life.

    • What are health patches?

      Health patches are an adhesive material filled with vitamins and herbal extracts designed to replace traditional oral supplement intake. Each patch can easily absorb into your skin with better effectiveness than many pills, gummies and powders.

    • Are patches safe?

      We go through rigorous Independent quality testing to make sure every batch is accurate and correct. Our patches are Dermatologically tested, paraben free, latex free and vegan.

    • What is Bioavailability?

      Bioavailability indicates how much of a particular active ingredient can reach its intended destination without degrading in quality. Since health patches bypass the digestive system, including the intestine and liver, active ingredients are better able to reach their targets intact, delivering faster results.

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